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1Y PTR POLY+ RMX1800 40HD 70POR P18040160


CCW SVC SNT 3YR NBD 8X5 FOR 15454-M-100G-LC-C= CON-3SNT-15454M11

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1Y POLY+ RMX1800 40HD 70PORT P18040112


[{“headername”: “Basic”, “attributevalue”: “Service”, “attributedisplay”: “Basic|Product Type|Service”, “attributename”: “Product Type”}, {“headername”: “Basic”, “attributevalue”: “Phone Support”, “attributedisplay”: “Basic|Provided Support|Phone Support”, “attributename”: “Provided Support”}, {“headername”: “Basic”, “attributevalue”: “1 Year”, “attributedisplay”: “Basic|Service Duration|1 Year”, “attributename”: “Service Duration”}, {“headername”: “Basic”, “attributevalue”: “Technical”, “attributedisplay”: “Basic|Service Type|Technical”, “attributename”: “Service Type”}, {“headername”: “Basic”, “attributevalue”: “Poly”, “attributedisplay”: “Basic|Brand Name|Poly”, “attributename”: “Brand Name”}, {“headername”: “General Information”, “attributevalue”: “Service”, “attributedisplay”: “General Information|Product Type|Service”, “attributename”: “Product Type”}, {“headername”: “General Information”, “attributevalue”: “P18040112”, “attributedisplay”: “General Information|Manufacturer Part Number|P18040112”, “attributename”: “Manufacturer Part Number”}, {“headername”: “General Information”, “attributevalue”: “”, “attributedisplay”: “General Information|Manufacturer Website Address|”, “attributename”: “Manufacturer Website Address”}, {“headername”: “General Information”, “attributevalue”: “Poly+”, “attributedisplay”: “General Information|Service Name|Poly+”, “attributename”: “Service Name”}, {“headername”: “General Information”, “attributevalue”: “HP Inc.”, “attributedisplay”: “General Information|Manufacturer|HP Inc.”, “attributename”: “Manufacturer”}, {“headername”: “General Information”, “attributevalue”: “Poly”, “attributedisplay”: “General Information|Brand Name|Poly”, “attributename”: “Brand Name”}, {“headername”: “Service Information”, “attributevalue”: “Poly RMX1800 40HD 70PORT”, “attributedisplay”: “Service Information|Product Supported|Poly RMX1800 40HD 70PORT”, “attributename”: “Product Supported”}, {“headername”: “Service Information”, “attributevalue”: “Phone Support”, “attributedisplay”: “Service Information|Provided Support|Phone Support”, “attributename”: “Provided Support”}, {“headername”: “Service Information”, “attributevalue”: “1 Year”, “attributedisplay”: “Service Information|Service Duration|1 Year”, “attributename”: “Service Duration”}, {“headername”: “Service Information”, “attributevalue”: “1 Year”, “attributedisplay”: “Service Information|Service Duration|1 Year”, “attributename”: “Service Duration”}, {“headername”: “Service Information”, “attributevalue”: “Technical”, “attributedisplay”: “Service Information|Service Main Type|Technical”, “attributename”: “Service Main Type”}]

SKU: P18040112 UPC: Brand: 1Y Condition: New Category: Tag:


Poly Poly+ – 1 Year – Service – Technical


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