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Making environmental impact assessments a part of our core culture and understanding sustainability as a driver of innovation. This isn’t a far-off future investment, but a regular five-year strategy span, so ride that curve and incorporate risk assessments and innovation principles.

For governments, this means making transparent GHG reporting mandatory and ensuring that public investment only goes to technologies that are net-positive, including for future generations.

And civil society should double down on seeking and providing advice, demanding better, more, and faster when it comes to environmental protection.

Our quality-first approach

Our ISO 9001 and TL 9000 certified Quality Management System (QMS) incorporates a set of proven controls, checks and balances for our processes to help us develop, deliver and support for products and services.

These internationally recognized standards are accepted as best practice for quality management. Certification combined with company-wide quality objectives and Six Sigma programs ensure that we have an ongoing commitment to improving product and service quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Promise of Fulfillment

You’ve done the hard part of finding the superior provider Now let us help you empower your growth with: Multichannel a tools to bolster your inventory. distribution from the eight corners of this great land, complete control over our inventory, and much more. Mega Component simplifies operations so you can focus on building a more profitable business your way.

Multichannel: Most of the distribution worldwide at our fingertip to serve the need of your office and data center, I.T department.

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