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EonStor DS is a high availability SAN storage solution designed for enterprises. Its hardware design features multiple form factors, flexible host boards to choose from, and stable, reliable modular design with high expandability; as for software, it comes with complete data services and easy-to-use management interface. It is ideal for all SAN environments and enterprise applications (such as databasevirtualizationvideo editingbackup, and surveillance). The whole product line is fast, flexible, and reliable, so that you can find the perfect storage device according to your performance or budget needs.

EonStor DS 4000U

High Performance Hybrid Flash U.2 NVMe SSD SAN Storage

EonStor DS 4000U delivers extremely high performance with U.2 NVMe SSD. Each appliance can hold 24 U.2 SSDs, providing an extremely high IOPS at 1000K and a throughput at 11GB/s, which allows the system to quickly respond to multiple I/O requests of virtual machines, HPC servers, databases, etc.

Powerful Solution for General Purposes

The EonStor DS 4000/3000 series are high performance solutions for enterprises to handle large amounts of I/O even under high workloads. They can perfectly meet the storage needs of SMBs to large enterprises and effectively boost overall productivity. Overall, its outstanding performance, flexibility, and high expandability can easily run mainstream critical applications on the market. The DS 4000 is perfect for the performance-conscious, while the DS 3000 is ideal for the budget-conscious applications as it can meet all general storage needs.

Cost-effective Solution

The EonStor DS 2000/1000 are entry-level enterprise solutions specially designed for SMBs and ROBOs (Remote Office Branch Office). They provide non-stop services and complete data backup features to allow IT personnel efficiently manage all kinds of light SAN workloads, all at an affordable price. The EonStor DS 2000/1000 come with exceptional expandability of more than 4PB storage capacity and modular host board slots, which can easily meet the needs of future data growth and architecture transformation. The DS 2000 is the best choice for enterprises that are concerned about IOPS, while the DS 1000 is ideal for the budget-conscious applications as it can meet all entry-level general storage needs.

Excellent Performance Ready for Critical Applications

Fast enterprise server architectures are the trend of the future. The EonStor DS provide various high-speed protocols, such as 32 Gb/s FC and 40 Gb/s iSCSI. The DS U.2 NVMe storage delivers up to 11 GB/s read, 7.5 GB/s write, and 1000K IOPS to handle different enterprise critical applications and IT deployment environments.

High Storage Efficiency

EonStor DS comes with offline deduplication and compression, which reduces the storage capacity required and thus saves storage costs.

You can also configure the DS as a hybrid storage appliance based on application requirements, and through automatic storage tiering and SSD cache, it helps you create a high-performance, large-capacity storage system at a lower cost:

  • Automatic storage tiering (Auto-tiering) automatically moves frequently accessed data to high-performance SSDs and less-frequently accessed data to large-capacity HDDs, allowing you to fully utilize the advantages of different types of drives with ease.
  • SSD cache uses a small number of SSDs on the DS as cache to accelerate the read performance. You can leverage this feature for random read-intensive applications, such as online transaction processing (OLTP).

The high IOPS performance of EonStor DS can cope with the large and random data required by database applications, such as online shopping and banking transactions.


EonStor DS’s high IOPS performance can handle a large amount of random data in a virtualized environment. At the same time, it has passed the mainstream virtualization platform certifications, including VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix® Ready™ to provide the best solution.

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